Saturday, June 23, 2012

What do I do?

Assalamualaikum, my readers :) *ewah cam ramai je baca*

It's been more than 2 weeks I stayed at home. Cuti final semester 2, 2011/12.
Supposed to till Sept, but I take short semester
or known as intersection (for UiTM's students)

So, I will register tomorrow - Mahalah (Hostel)

So far, alhamdullillah, during this holiday, I did something good *I guess*
which is I'm helped my mom to settle up the housework.
Even though, isn't good enough to be a wife, yet #opss
But I feel a lil grateful cause dapat tolong mak kan..

Since form 1, I stayed at hostel and every time cuti akhir tahun
I just lepak golek golek atas katil
Not doing much thing.
Why? Because that time I had a maid, hikhik.

And this time also, I did work out to make my hope come true
Yes, that's I really wanna be from long long longggg time ago
Tapi bukan senang okay T_T
Seriously! You have to be very discipline..

Some of my friends, and even my sister asks me
"why you nak kurus? you just fine"
I replied "For Allah's Sake"

Don't ya know,
Malaysia is one of the countries that have BIG amount of obesity's people.. :O
Most of them are Malays (confirm lah pun, we're majority)

I had lose 5 kg :)

p.s so how about you people? remember, Allah takkan mengubah nasib seseorang.. what you waiting for?