Friday, June 01, 2012

Export vs Import

wiki. wiki.
Export is blablabla, meanwhile, Import is blablabla.

Ok, I'm not going to talk lots on export import things to others country or whatever it is..

Sembang sembang dgn Kak Nur 'Hayati Suhaimi.
So, tunang beliau, Abg Fikri ada la cakap pasal
Manusia Export vs Manusia Import 

Hah, what is Manusia Export, Manusia Import ni?

As we know, export means we give to other
Import in another hand, we take/accept from other

How to not get confused with these two terms?
EXport = EXit = OUT..
IMpost = I am = People give it to me, and its MINE..

Manusia Export adalah manusia yang suka memberi
Beri ilmu pengetahun, beri nasihat, beri sedekah and so forth

Manusia Import adalah manusia yang SUKA menerima
Terima hadiah, terima pujian, terima kasih #eh #eh

So, which one you are?