Saturday, June 02, 2012

Men vs Women : Relation

Assalamualaikum semuaa. Saja buat tajuk gempiks kat situ. Okay, punch me, punch me. *dush dush*

Just nak kongsi 2 je benda. Janji. Dua. Je.

When a man has a relationship with a woman,
both of them only ask one thing from their partner.

Lagu background : One Thing by One Direction

Man : I just wanted you to understand me. Feel me. Stand on my feet. It doesn't matter you love me or not, just please, understand me & any of my situations.

Woman : I don't care if you're not understand me well. Me myself sometimes I'm also don't know what I want it. But, please, love me like you never love anybody before.

p.s the answer is your hand. think wise and twice :)