Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm just done reading the blogs that I'm following.
And they keep me THINKING.
Thinking about everything.

About me. About the Creator. About all Prophets. About this world. About you. About parents. About teachers. About friends. YES, about everything! I couldn't list all~

And it just make me realized
how small and tiny my problemsss right now
if I wanto compared with all the things Allah gave to me.

We are human
Sometimes, overlook with what we have and what we had.
AND I'm one of the human *obviously!*

Sometimes, I envy with other people
and wish I could be them
Pretty. Intelligent. Love by many people.

(semoga kecantikan mereka tidak dipersiakan, amin, insyaAllah)

Now, I really realized that
"is not that easy to be me"

p.s don't compared yr life with others cause you don't have an idea about their life #keepreminding

Monday, January 23, 2012

Let Em Talk

Happy Chinese New Year to my chinese friends and teachers

As we totally knew, life is like a wheel.
Sometimes, we're on the top,
sometimes, we're on the bottom..

That's what happening to me & Katy Perry -_-"

But let them talk..
For me, Allah knows everything.

I dont mind what people going to say
I dont mind what people going to talk
I dont mind, at all!

I live to pleaseeeeee Allah!
Yes, one and only, Allah :)

So, be cheerful.
Allah always be our side.

p.s oh happily ever after #musicbackground