Saturday, June 23, 2012

What do I do?

Assalamualaikum, my readers :) *ewah cam ramai je baca*

It's been more than 2 weeks I stayed at home. Cuti final semester 2, 2011/12.
Supposed to till Sept, but I take short semester
or known as intersection (for UiTM's students)

So, I will register tomorrow - Mahalah (Hostel)

So far, alhamdullillah, during this holiday, I did something good *I guess*
which is I'm helped my mom to settle up the housework.
Even though, isn't good enough to be a wife, yet #opss
But I feel a lil grateful cause dapat tolong mak kan..

Since form 1, I stayed at hostel and every time cuti akhir tahun
I just lepak golek golek atas katil
Not doing much thing.
Why? Because that time I had a maid, hikhik.

And this time also, I did work out to make my hope come true
Yes, that's I really wanna be from long long longggg time ago
Tapi bukan senang okay T_T
Seriously! You have to be very discipline..

Some of my friends, and even my sister asks me
"why you nak kurus? you just fine"
I replied "For Allah's Sake"

Don't ya know,
Malaysia is one of the countries that have BIG amount of obesity's people.. :O
Most of them are Malays (confirm lah pun, we're majority)

I had lose 5 kg :)

p.s so how about you people? remember, Allah takkan mengubah nasib seseorang.. what you waiting for?

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Men vs Women : Relation

Assalamualaikum semuaa. Saja buat tajuk gempiks kat situ. Okay, punch me, punch me. *dush dush*

Just nak kongsi 2 je benda. Janji. Dua. Je.

When a man has a relationship with a woman,
both of them only ask one thing from their partner.

Lagu background : One Thing by One Direction

Man : I just wanted you to understand me. Feel me. Stand on my feet. It doesn't matter you love me or not, just please, understand me & any of my situations.

Woman : I don't care if you're not understand me well. Me myself sometimes I'm also don't know what I want it. But, please, love me like you never love anybody before.

p.s the answer is your hand. think wise and twice :)

Friday, June 01, 2012

Export vs Import

wiki. wiki.
Export is blablabla, meanwhile, Import is blablabla.

Ok, I'm not going to talk lots on export import things to others country or whatever it is..

Sembang sembang dgn Kak Nur 'Hayati Suhaimi.
So, tunang beliau, Abg Fikri ada la cakap pasal
Manusia Export vs Manusia Import 

Hah, what is Manusia Export, Manusia Import ni?

As we know, export means we give to other
Import in another hand, we take/accept from other

How to not get confused with these two terms?
EXport = EXit = OUT..
IMpost = I am = People give it to me, and its MINE..

Manusia Export adalah manusia yang suka memberi
Beri ilmu pengetahun, beri nasihat, beri sedekah and so forth

Manusia Import adalah manusia yang SUKA menerima
Terima hadiah, terima pujian, terima kasih #eh #eh

So, which one you are?