Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something Borrowed

Assalamualaikum. Kali ni, aku nak cerita pasal aku keluar dgn budak2 TNB o KRB. Telah terpatri di Lawh Mahfuz yang 17hb Mei hrtu, aku keluar dgn Hafizah Aris (Pija), Izyan Athira (Yan) dan Farah Wahidah Mohd Zabidi (Fara) serta kawannya, Alia.

First, cadangnya hanya jalan2, makan2, berkongsi cerita and window shopping. Tapi ada sorang tu [klik] dia sibuk nak tengok wayang. So, ada dua story yang menjadi pilihan ; Water for Elephant & Something Borrowed. Dgn kekuasaan aku, teehee! menanglah SB.

This movie tells us about two best friends love the same guy. It just like triangle loves. However, the guy, Dex loves Rachel (his x-classmate) but engaged with her best friend, Darcy. It turns to conflict when Rachel dates with Dex and they tried to hide it from Darcy. As a friend, the guilty feeling will come to the heart. But, it's like difficult things to telling the truth. Scare of to tells the truth.

Then this phrase comes out "Sometimes the best things in life are borrowed". And there's a thin line between love and friendship. We didn't realize maybe the person we love so much actually love our friends. Or our friend falling in loves with our beloved ones. So, do the right things.

Ini gambar mereka ;

P.s semoga berjumpa anda lagi together with Madiey & Fathiey :)