Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Quickly unfollow

I just make it this quick as possible

Some of you, I had un-follow the blog
because the reason below : ~

  1. Didn't update for looonng time ago
  2. Talk rubbish
  3. Change the URL without notice
  4. Open for invited readers only
  5. No benefit to follow
Sorry for the inconvenience (hahahahah takde kaitan k)

Anyway, in shaa Allah, I'll make sure I write AT LEAST 1 entry a month.

p.s blog yang AKU SUKA BACA Lily Suhaili Ustaz Fahmi Warouq tapi Ustaz Fahmi & Warouq dah tak berapa nak aktif :(( akibat kesibukan seorang suami. Ekeke~