Saturday, April 07, 2012

Random #3


Yeah, today is 7th of April
"Sanah Helwah to my friend, Nike"
yang sekarang berada di Jordan
p.s Cheq hilang number hang la. Tak tau nak contact camno. Wish kat blog je ler.

Yesterday was 6th of April
I did wished birthday to
Raja Nur Atikah bt Raja ... (cant remember the name)

I just done memorise 7 out of 8 hadith *alhamdullillah
Another 1 for SOHA (Sc of Hadith)
Another 3 for Halaqah -____-

Today's night, I'm going to sit for COMM 1010 mid paper
(please let me get 30/30)**amiin~

What I am doing right now is..
Try to finish up SOHA's assignment
Due date is this Sunday <ergh!>

The time is nearly to 2AM

Ninie didn't contact me since the incident -.-"

Oh ya, I renew my sim card about 4 months ago
From 600+ contacts, now I just have 100+
I'm waiting for ya to contact me :D

Goodnight. Salam~

I am Celcom User forever!