Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scholarship please?

Assalamualaikum (tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang) *MariaElena

I'm gonna talk about the title
Yes, scholarship :(

Oh, before that, this is 2nd entry for today.

When I start to talk about scholarship
My smile turn to this :(
Bcs I'm not a smart student
I'm not a hardworking student
I'm not genius student
I am a lazy-bum student who always think for pass in exam
Daydream about got a dean's list
but still not wake up from the sleep

I dont wanto borrow from PTPTN
As Ustaz Zaharuddin said "there's a RIBA' "
What is RIBA'?
click here or here
(Or you can find source by your own)

I need the money
Not for fun
but for my books, for my foods, for my extra class

My dad (parents) just give me rm2*0 for poket money
which is obviously NOT ENOUGH!
plus rm30 for phone credit
That's it.

Where's my salary goes?
"in bank. but only a few (for me)"
Below than rm1000, above rm950
You think is enough? NO! :(

I need a scholarship.
I thought there's still Yayasan Selangor can help
but they're closed.

Oh Lord! There's so much exam for me
I did cried.
Yes, I did.
I wanted to change my attitude to be a hardworking students
Yes, I'm trying. I'm on my trying.
Please, scholarship for me. Du'as for me.

p.s going back to UIA #crying