Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random #1

Yeah, first of all, I got lots of story.
I think I wanna put the title as Untitled
but I change it to 'Random'.

My eldest sister just arrived the Egypt at 3pm Malaysia.
I don't know my feeling, though.
Miss her? Glad? Happy? Or....
Nvm, change topic!

I just took my transcript as more than 2 weeks
I postponed it.
Now, CFS Nilai is closed. Officially.

my ex mahalah. block A

My days just good. Flows like a river.
My mood is upside down. No comment.
Yeah, I do miss my friends esp SARJANIANS.

Okay, just stop it with the crying-missing stories.

I'm going to quit the job.
Middle of Jan. Better then :)
To settle up my things.

This blog has not update for a long time.
As I'm using twitter (mini blog)
But I do miss the blog much!
Hi blog :-B

I bought (my dad belanja) a new sweater at kLia.
It was sooooo cheap! But nice ^_^
see, the AERO word? its AEROPLANE!

As my ________ (friend / brother / sister) *pls fill up by yrself
sangat kedekut dgn sweater kusam dia #blah
Thanks for let me use for more than 2 months, babe.

Oh ya, congrats to my lil twin bro.
Their PMR result was better than mine.
Sorang 8A, sorang 4A 4B.
Hebat tu!

Last two days was my parents' anniversary.
Happy Anniversary!!
I treated them at Sari Ratu Nasi Padang Restaurant at Subang Parade.
No picture btw.
As something not-really-good happened.
Ah, just forget it.
And the bill was, was, was SHUT UPPP -___-"
For me sometimes we do need to boros just for our family

Till we meet again, blog.