Monday, August 15, 2011

BIGG Smile!

Assalamualaikum. Happy Monday everybody!!

Right now, I can't stop smiling. SMILEEEE =)


Because ...
[ni bukan kes falling in love okayy]

I've finish my assignment. (kecoh gila kau. macam orang lain tak siap pulak)
No, don't judge yet. Actually, I'm done on Literature Review. 1st impression, susah gilaaa!
After consult Sr Alizaman, I get it. It's reallyreally easy and awesome

Serious, siapa yang tak consult Sr mmg susah because you guys tak faham. And pls guys, he's really nice man. Dia strict sebab he wanted to change us. He wanted to help us.
Kita masih banyak salah and silap. Dgn our poverty culture. Non-Islamic nya.

So, be professional and open minded. Normal la kena halau kelas, assignment rejected and more. It's the valuable experience maa. Chill~

p.s Thanks Sir for everything. Sorry if pernah make u upset w/ my attitude =D